No one steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and it’s not the same person. This phrase indicates the constant change of everything.  By going back to a place over and over again, driving around for hours on the same road, the place stayed the same but still it was different every time I arrived.

A road is never someone final destination, but within this project I made the A10 my destination. It started with an interest, but it slowely evolved each time I would arrive. In the end it became a visual investigation about driving on a ring road over and over again, questioning which feelings are evoked by the speed, the inability to locate myself and the similarities of the surrounding.


The visible surface of a landscape is good at hiding its underlying secrets. Volgermeerpolder, a nature reserve and the most polluted place in the Netherland just above Amsterdam, is a good example of this. Until 1980 it was heavily polluted with household waste and illegally dumped chemical waste, including the very toxic compound dioxin. From then on the area has been under construction and because of financial reasons the municipality decide to leave the polluted soil where it was. It was covered with foil and new soil, which is supposed to form peat to encapsulate the underlying soil. Since 2011 the area is open to the public again and is used to recreate, bike, walk your dog, and serve as a habitat for birds, fish, rare plant species, and insects.

By combining archive material with new imagery, I visualize the relationship between human and land and use time to show the contradiction of the layers of the landscape.

In the eye of the beholder   

This project explores the ways in which we reflect ourselves and our ideas behind the beauty standards upon our dogs and cats. As the way we treat our pets says a lot about us and about the relation people have towards pets.

A place where the execution of living up to this beauty standard starts is the trim salon. Trim salons are designed to wash, blow dry and cut your animal in the way the owner wants their animal to look like. The owners comes in, tells their expectations, sometimes shows a photos of the desired cut, leaves their dog at the salon and in 2-3 hours comes back and picks up ideal their dog or cat.

I visited three trim salons over the last couple of weeks and documented the process of grooming, washing, blow drying, when the owner left the salon step by step. I focussed on the pets, how they felt, the person that did the work, the surrounding and how the place looked like after the dog or cat was done.

Special thanks to trim salon de Jordaan, Reino Canino and trim salon La Chic

What remains

Investigation in how a layer can change the way we see the world. Small details are enchanced by the composition, nuances in color, framing and the light.


In collaboration with Loes de Boer